Online English Lessons



Online English Lessons

We all know that learning English ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα or a foreign language in general is a must nowadays. However, there are several methods for learning a foreign language and each one has its pros and cons. As a result, many do not know which method is best for them or their children and thus make hasty or sometimes wrong choices. So let’s see what are the most common methods of teaching foreign languages, so that you understand and which is the most suitable for each case of student.

The lessons

Tutoring is definitely the oldest and most “tried and tested” solution for learning a foreign language. It is almost always the first solution for starting the learning of each language, while there are many cases that for some students the tutoring was the only teaching method they knew as they stayed in them until they got all the degrees they wanted to obtain.

Advantages of online English lessons

The great advantage of tutoring is that you will find them everywhere. Every neighborhood probably has one if not more. In addition, they are a very economical solution as they offer relatively cheap tuition due to competition but also often offer discounts to good students or families who enroll all their children in the same tutorial.

Finally, tutoring departments are usually very small, which allows the teacher to focus on each student individually, while classrooms often have modern teaching aids which are handled by experienced and specially trained teachers.


No matter how small the number of students in each class, the tutoring centers can not meet the personal needs of each student individually such as if you chose to take private English lessons via skype where the teacher who will take you has to deal exclusively with you- this we will analyze in the following section in more detail.

In addition, parents of young children often need to take them to the tutoring center themselves and bring them back home after school. Finally, the tutoring program is not as flexible as it will need as many students and teachers as possible, so problems can arise for some children.

Platform that connects students with certified teachers for online English lessons

The tutorial is ideal for young children and beginners, as it is important to start learning a language with others and not alone.
The private lessons

Tutoring is the second most common form of language teaching. This is a lesson that takes place either in the student or in the teacher and in which only the teacher and the student are present. It should be noted here that there is also the case of groups where we have 2-3 students and a teacher.

The biggest advantage of the private lesson is of course the fact that the teacher can fully focus on the needs of his student. If, for example, a student is having problems with a particular part of a certification exam, the teacher may give weight to it to maximize his or her student’s chances of success.

It is essentially an evolution of the particular which is based on new technologies and the internet. In essence, the lesson is done via Skype or another application – there are also special methods of teaching foreign languages ​​- with the teacher and the student each at home.

Disadvantage of online platforms

The cost of tutoring is much higher than that of tutoring. In addition, specials are not an ideal solution for young children or beginners as learning foreign languages at this level is good to do in a more “social” environment.

The specials are an ideal solution for those who are preparing to take exams for a specific certification.

Advantages of online platforms

in general they are the same as the special ones. An extra advantage of distance learning is the fact that the teacher has all the material at his disposal, so he can immediately make changes and additions to the lesson when needed. In addition, distance learning is usually cheaper than private lessons.

The only disadvantage is the lack of “physical” contact with the teacher can be discouraging for some students.

It is an ideal solution for employees and adults who want to learn English, but do not have much free time at their disposal.

You can find your own English teacher in the online teacher-platform! Simply by creating an account, you can contact every teacher you like and get more details about your English lessons. You are also in luck of taking online private courses at the comfort of your own house.

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